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[sc-dev] on the nature of server crashes and restarts


I've been working on trying to get an easy interface for the Wiimote up and running - I am using the WiinRemoteFramework from Darwiinremote, which uses Objective-C.  I've been coding in Objective-C++ so I can include SC_Plugin.h and the framework.

Currently I have all the information about the controller saved in a global objective-c object.  To connect I used a DefinePlugInCmd (the plan was to connect with a server command then run UGens from the global object). I've been able to connect just fine to the Wii, except I think that it overloads the server, because it will quit then immediately restart.  Commenting out some CPU intensive processes in the framework let me keep the server from quitting, but I wasn't sure if it was because I was reducing the load on it or if I commented out something that made the server crash. 
I was wondering if the server quitting and immediately restarting is common for CPU overload.
Also I was hoping that if I wasn't vague enough someone might help with an alternative approach (hopefully something easier than rewriting the framework in regular C).