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Re: [sc-dev] quarks install actions

ronald kuivila wrote:
> Perhaps there should be more information given about who added the Quark
> to the repository.

that doesn't help much wrt till's concern, because anybody can change
anything in the repository; maybe the apache svn module provides
subdirectory access restrictions? i think a safe scheme would include
explicitly signing off the last revision number with a gpg-key (or
something like that), but this could be a lot of work to implement.

regarding install actions: i agree it's a bad idea to put them into the
quarks file itself (because imo the latter should eventually be handled
by a custom parser).

another approach i'm testing right now with scum is a QuarksPackage
class that can be subclassed by a package (e.g. SCUMPackage) and that
provides certain functionality like building stuff in the package
directory etc., either when the package first comes up during class
initialization or when the user requests it explicitly.