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Re: [sc-dev] non-gui usage


On 04 Dec 2006, at 23:58, stefan kersten wrote:
i'm working on this; finally got sc to compile with scons+jack+scel on osx.

the problem is not during compilation but during class initialization.
ok, which makes things alot easier...

not sure how to approach it; imo it would be best to create interface
classes implementing the appropriate methods of an abstract base class.
the concrete class is set at runtime during class initialization:

^  ^  ^EmacsDocument
|  CocoaDocument

We discussed something similar earlier for the gui stuff... where this is not an option, since it means a lot of extra work (developer have to rewrite all their code).

Document.impl = \EmacsDocument

something along these lines ...


seems to be ok for my purposes...

right now the switch is incorrectly factored into the platform classes
(my fault), which obviously doesn't work for the commandline on OSX.


IMHO it should be possible to define the behavior of sclang by defining it as a commandline argument... because
sclang					# defaults to standard (OSX) behaviour
sclang -noDocuments 	# use DummyDocuments
sclang -EmacsDocument	# use emacs Documents


On 04 Dec 2006, at 23:58, stefan kersten wrote:
a quick workaround is to put this into your extension folder:

+ OSXPlatform
	startup {
		// Document setup
		if (\EmacsDocument.asClass.notNil) {

why does this prevent document startup? The class EmacsDocument is not defined in my distribution... (I want to have no specific document behavior...)