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Re: [sc-dev] non-gui usage

hey till,

Till Bovermann wrote:
> while testing the awesome python wrapper for sc (included in the
> distro), I had one little thing with the SCClassLibrary: there is no way
> to boot the language (i.e. compiling the ClassTree) without having the
> GUI and Document stuff included. why is this so? Unfortunately this gets
> me a lot of errors at startup.
> Is there any workaround for this?

i'm working on this; finally got sc to compile with scons+jack+scel on osx.

the problem is not during compilation but during class initialization.
not sure how to approach it; imo it would be best to create interface
classes implementing the appropriate methods of an abstract base class.
the concrete class is set at runtime during class initialization:

^  ^  ^EmacsDocument
|  CocoaDocument

Document.impl = \EmacsDocument

something along these lines ...


right now the switch is incorrectly factored into the platform classes
(my fault), which obviously doesn't work for the commandline on OSX.