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[sc-dev] i_rate args in Events

It appears that i_rate args (the i_arg variety anyhow) must be
addressed without the 'i_' when used with Events or in a Pbind, but
with the 'i_' when used to create a new Synth. This inconsistent
usage is not necessarily wrong, but should probably be noted in the
Event/Pbind documentation somewhere. (At least I don't remember
seeing it anywhere...)

SynthDef(\test, { |i_hz=440| Out.ar(0, SinOsc.ar(i_hz)) }).store;

Synth(\test, [\i_hz, 100]); // plays at 100Hz
Synth(\test, [\hz, 100]); // plays at 440Hz

(instrument: \test, i_hz: 100).play; // plays at 440Hz
(instrument: \test, hz: 100).play; // plays at 100Hz