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Re: [sc-dev] gotcha! PulseDivider

This is similar to the behavior of Trig1 (where Trig does what you need). Perhaps there should be a PulseDivider1 and PulseDivider? Of course, this change may break others code to bring the naming conventions together. The help file does mention that it outputs an Impulse though, which would imply a 1.0 (though this isn't very clear).

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to mul the output of Impulse by your input:

SynthDef("help-PulseDivider",{ arg out=0;
var p, a, b;
p = Impulse.ar(8) * MouseX.kr(0, 1);
a = SinOsc.ar(1200, 0, Decay2.ar(p, 0.005, 0.1));
b = SinOsc.ar(600,  0, Decay2.ar(PulseDivider.ar(p, 4) * p, 0.005, 0.5)); // * p to scale Impulse of PulseDivider

Out.ar(out,(a + b) * 0.4)


On Dec 4, 2006, at 5:33 AM, James Harkins wrote:

Blast! There is always some stupid little detail that is not documented, that screws up what you're trying to do.

PulseDivider does not hold the trigger's actual level... it always outputs 1.0 for every trigger. I was using triggers for accenting notes, but when I switched to a synth with PulseDivider, all my accents were gone.

if (prevtrig <= 0.f && curtrig > 0.f) {
if (counter >= div) {
counter = 0;
/// why --->>>??
z = 1.f;
} else {
z = 0.f;
} else {

Should this perhaps be changed? That is, should it be expected that most of the trigger ugens would flatten the trigger levels to 1.0 or 0.0, or is it reasonable to expect them to hold the actual trigger level?


: H. James Harkins

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