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[sc-dev] Extension libraries

Hi all...

As I mentioned last week, I thought it would be a good idea to have a single place where UB plugins files can live. Along with blackrain, we have put together this sourceforge site:


at the downloads portion:


there are currently gcc3 and Universal Binary builds of the following libraries:

JoshLib (small changes to ProcMod and ProcEvents... if anyone out there uses these, let me know and I will e-mail you the changes, otherwise I will announce on the sc-users list once all this is going)
JoshPVLib (added PV_Invert to invert spectra)
BlackrainLib (Includes AmplitudeMod, BMoog, IIRfilter and SVF filters, now in one package)
ReverbUGens (now where FreeVerba and GVerb live)
STKUgens ... these are all the STK UGens that Paul Lansky and co. ported over, compiled into a single UGen file

Also included in the svn portion of the site are ProjectBuilder and UniversalBinary XCode files. Scons files will probably follow soon (Blackrain is working on them). To build the Universals, the libsndfile from Wesleyan is needed, as well as the Universal of libstk.a available from the SF site above.  

This is still early, but I think a good template is there (BIG thanks for David Jensenius from Wesleyan for the UB plugin XCode file that I hacked to death for this to work!). My offer to work on UBs of the other extension libraries still stands (please contact me off list). Also, should we try and include Windows builds of UGens here also?




Joshua D. Parmenter


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