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Re: [sc-dev] Plugins...

On 11/15/06, Till Bovermann <tboverma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> that would be kewl.
> can even add developers if needed.
> just an idea, so if ppl developing plugins want to host them there,
> update the binaries themselves?
> then all plugins can be fetched from one sf site. windows versions
> included.

Why not setting up a new sf-project with a better name? (sorry
blackrain, I like your pseudonym, but it is still yours and not the
one of the sc-plugins... :-)

how about

sc-plugs (ok, it's too late for me to be creative... :-)

sc-dev mailing list

ah yes, I always forget about that.
unfortunately, the unix name cant be changed, that is 'blackrain-sc3'.
the project name can 'SuperCollider3 builds, UGens and Classes' and so
does the project description 'RealizedSound SuperCollider3 binaries,
Unit Generators, Classes and more.'

sure. I am ok with the idea of a new project at sf.

an even better idea is if someone provided a stable enough site with
an svn server where one could get all the quarks that involved plugs,
small helper apps, etc.

then post this site as an alternate sister link in all sc
documentation and the wiki.