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Re: [sc-dev] Plugins...

On 11/14/06, Joshua Parmenter <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all...

To those who are working on plugins, would you mind sending me an e-mail
(either privately or to the list?). Basically, I am interested in putting
together Universal Binaries of all the extension plugins... there are a
number here and there that get released, and, due to limitations, are PPC
only. What I think I will do is put together a 'supplementary'  XCode
project with whoever sends me an e-mail, and see if this can be standardized
if possible...

Was it ever figured out if we can store compiled UGen files in quarks?

I dont think sf will like us for distributing compiled material over
their svn servers.

Or, I
can post files at realizedsound or (probably better, if blackrain is okay
with it) at  blackrain's sourceforge download site:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/blackrain-sc3 .

we could post these to that site, of course.
Josh you have had co-admin rights on that project all along and can
add anything you consider needed at any time.

I'm more then happy to keep updated builds of the UGens going if I can get
some help getting it set-up.


that would be kewl.
can even add developers if needed.
just an idea, so if ppl developing plugins want to host them there,
update the binaries themselves?
then all plugins can be fetched from one sf site. windows versions included.




Joshua D. Parmenter


"Every composer – at all times and in all cases – gives his own
interpretation of how modern society is structured: whether actively or
passively, consciously or unconsciously, he makes choices in this regard. He
may be conservative or he may subject himself to continual renewal; or he
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