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Re: [sc-dev] quarks revised

Hmm. Should this be adapted to download compiled plugins from arbitrary URLs?

This might solve any potential issues with sourceforge and putting binaries in svn. (Although given the amount of bandwidth involved, I doubt they'd care or notice, providing the source is included as well.)


On 15 Nov 2006, at 11:05, Till Bovermann wrote:


I've recently revised the quarks system in a way that it is possible to use an arbitrary svn-repository instead of the global one on sf. This is a really nice feature for people working in a team on class extensions they do not want to share with the community (for now) and for active developement. I use it for all my personal sc extensions now.

So just give it a try (It's functionality is described in the Quarks helpfile, scroll waaay down :-)

Thanx again for Felix and all the others having this great idea!

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