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[sc-dev] /s_new with real arguments

Dear List,

I recently updated and now the test case below only works for integer
arguments, reals don't work at all.

> SynthDef("test", {|freq = 440| Out.ar(0, SinOsc.ar(freq, 0) * XLine.kr(0.25,0.01,0.1,doneAction:2))}).send(s);
> s.sendMsg("/s_new", "test", -1, 1, 1, "freq", 880);
> s.sendMsg("/s_new", "test", -1, 1, 1, "freq", 880.5);

I think the error is at scsynth, it seems to get the packet, and the
scheme & haskell clients are also broken.  scsynth prints:

> [ "/s_new", "test", -1, 1, 1, "freq", 880.5 ]

This is on an Intel (little-endian) machine running Linux.

I'll look into it but if anyone can recall a commit that might have
touched this?  Of course it may also be some build issue here, I ran
'svn update' and then 'scons install'.