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Re: [sc-dev] vImage

Hey Ron,

I think Patrick Beard had made an SCImageView back in July, but it doesn't seem to have been committed.

Also not exactly what you're asking about, but I've started working on the SCQuartzComposerView idea I had back during the symposium. (QC has a lot of CoreImage and other optimised stuff.)

It's basically working now, but no bells or whistles. I'd be happy to send it to you when it's a bit farther along. (Hopefully in the next few days.)


On 10 Nov 2006, at 19:44, ronald kuivila wrote:

Hi all,

 Is anyone doing anything with the vImage library in SC?
(I am wondering if an AbstractFunction based interface to the various acclerated libraries in OSX might be a good way to use an instance of the interpreter as an image processing environment.)


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