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Re: [sc-dev] Interpreter Locks

Much of this is above my head, but I do know that most of us rely on
the fact that sc coroutines/threads are non-preemptive. If they become
preemptive as a result of this discussion, I bet a lot of my code
would break (and probably a lot of others') so I would say some
caution is warranted. At present I like not having to worry about
thread sync issues.

There is no way you can prevent someone from writing code that uses a
coroutine inside of a UI callback. I'm not going to create a big hole
in the runtime.

Sorry if a said something that implied I wanted to make big changes to the SC runtime. I only meant that this particular use of coroutines would not work with the Cocoa bridge. I would write something in the documentation to the effect of, "this won't work so don't try it".