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[sc-dev] fftw

Dear all,

I've been trying to play around with fftw3 a bit, on OS X, but now running into linking difficulties in Xcode. I've installed fftw, and can successfully #include <fftw3.h>. But on compilation of a plug-in, failure to link:

Undefined symbols: _fftwf_destroy_plan _fftwf_free _fftwf_malloc _fftwf_plan_r2r_1d

I have included the framework libfftw3.a into the plug-in target, and it exists at /usr/local/lib as standard (I believe it's a static library by default).

Anyone with advice or overcome similar obstacles?

I searched list archives and made my way through some confusing online material first, so I'd appreciate a clear straight answer. I'm probably doing something naive somewhere.


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