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Re: [sc-dev] list admin ... and stats

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On 02 Nov 2006, at 07:42, sonify wrote:

Hi Folks,

The admin address :
   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
    (reason: 550 5.1.1 <iani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>... User unknown)

any clues as to whom to write to? This is what I was asking:
I'm writing a paper on SC at the moment and part of it is to describe the incredible work that has, and continues to be performed by the sc-developers. I wondered if you could help me with a couple of stats, or tell me how I can request them myself. I could download the archive and automate a count by I thought you might be able to generate such stats automatically through the list- server.

I'm simply interested in how many posts there have been to the sc- dev list. Preferably monthly breakdown but if that is too much to ask, a total number between certain dates would be satisfactory. Also, anecdotally, do you have a rough idea of the number of posts that go to both fora (dev- and users- ?)

kind regards,

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Sonic Communications Research Group,
University of Canberra:	 www.canberra.edu.au

David Worrall: sonify@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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