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Re: [sc-dev] SC3e - SuperCollider embedded

Neat ideas. I've also been thinking (in a very high-level way) about
designs for a portable generative music playing device. As implied in
a previous message, one primary design requirement for a commercially
viable device would be to maximize the potential audience as much as
humanly possible...having SC installed as a prerequisite would be a
bit of a damper on that, unfortunately.

I found a reference to a real such device here:
Anyone have any experience with it?


On 10/23/06, Till Bovermann <tboverma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 21 Oct 2006, at 21:23, Joshua Parmenter wrote:

> Yes... this is a reason! But... you way want to try and get a sense
> of what an iPod chip can do before beginning... it decodes mp3s one
> at a time fine, it will obviously decode a video... but how many
> sin tones could it generate?
> I'm not sure about clock speed (etc.), but I imagine the bottle
> next will be the bus speed between the processor and whatever
> little RAM it has... keep in mind, its used to dealing with
> compressed audio, something we rarely do in SC (and even then, only
> with FLAC)...
> Find an old PowerPC (pre-G3), and I bet you would start to get a
> sense of the limitaions!
> Josh

A good overview on this is given in this thesis:


(btw. it's a quite nice project, too)


> On Oct 21, 2006, at 6:50 AM, Dan Stowell wrote:
>> Point taken, but speaking from my own area of interest, I'd love to
>> see the SC server on ipods/mobiles so that people could publish (for
>> example) generative audio pieces that could be downloaded to yr
>> device. How cool to have an ipod full of lovely generative sc works?
>> I'd like to have that with me on a long train journey.
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