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Re: [sc-dev] SC3e - SuperCollider embedded

This has been an interesting conversation to follow. But... I don't see why on Earth you'd need something like the SC Server / Audio Engine to provide audio playback on a mobile device. The SC Audio Engine is tight. Having auditory feedback that helps make a device accessible is more of a sonification problem, as opposed to a synthesis problem. Examples of simplicity:

doorbell - ding dong (who's there)
car horn - honk (get out of my way)
fire alarm - annoying bell (get the hell out)
flat line - fixed frequency sine wave (you're dead)

You don't need SC to generate those types of sounds.

And as far as having a mobile device for downloading and sharing generative music... why not just record a generative music piece to disk and save as MP# format? Don't get me wrong, I think it's a neat idea. The number of people who actually use SC is probably in the hundreds (just a wild guess). The number of people who'd actually have embedded SC on a mobile device downloading and listening to generative music would be like, I don't know, 10 people? Sarcasm, but that's a lot of work to make a handful of people happy. But... I could see SC running on something like a PSP (memory being the main problem there).

On Oct 21, 2006, at 6:49 PM, kernel wrote:

On 21 Oct 2006, at 20:23, Joshua Parmenter wrote:

it will obviously decode a video

i think it has a video DSP chip for that

... but how many sin tones could it generate?

not sure, but the original ARM chips were used in multi-tasking desktop systems and clocked at 8Mhz (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ RISC_OS). they were/are RISC chips and if programmed in assembler you could do a quite a lot.

Find an old PowerPC (pre-G3), and I bet you would start to get a sense of the limitaions!

i think the ARM chips were faster than those old PPC chips and there are two of them in each iPod (100 MHz each?). anyway, what they are capable of in an iPod i don't really know - just got fond memories of my ARM equipped RISC computer ;)

but i hear you Josh, i hear you.


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