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Re: [sc-dev] SC3e - SuperCollider embedded

Yes... this is a reason! But... you way want to try and get a sense of what an iPod chip can do before beginning... it decodes mp3s one at a time fine, it will obviously decode a video... but how many sin tones could it generate?

I'm not sure about clock speed (etc.), but I imagine the bottle next will be the bus speed between the processor and whatever little RAM it has... keep in mind, its used to dealing with compressed audio, something we rarely do in SC (and even then, only with FLAC)...

Find an old PowerPC (pre-G3), and I bet you would start to get a sense of the limitaions!


On Oct 21, 2006, at 6:50 AM, Dan Stowell wrote:

Point taken, but speaking from my own area of interest, I'd love to
see the SC server on ipods/mobiles so that people could publish (for
example) generative audio pieces that could be downloaded to yr
device. How cool to have an ipod full of lovely generative sc works?
I'd like to have that with me on a long train journey.

Joshua D. Parmenter

“Every composer – at all times and in all cases – gives his own interpretation of how modern society is structured: whether actively or passively, consciously or unconsciously, he makes choices in this regard. He may be conservative or he may subject himself to continual renewal; or he may strive for a revolutionary, historical or social palingenesis." - Luigi Nono