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Re: Re: [sc-dev] SC3e - SuperCollider embedded

2006/10/21, Christopher Frauenberger <frauenberger@xxxxxx>:

On 20 Oct 2006, at 19:58, kernel wrote:

> On 20 Oct 2006, at 10:20, Dan Stowell wrote:
>> If you're willing to do that for SC I'll buy you many drinks!
> and i'll chip in with the alka seltzer

With so much encouragement I really feel tempted...

I am aware of the implications and as I said I am just thinking aloud
without having done much research into it. However, the motivation
behind it is not so much to have SuperCollider on mobile devices as a
toy that plays music (the ipod does a fairly good job in that without
SC), but as a sound synthesiser that could enrich the user
interaction with such devices. Having more than polyphonic ring tones
on mobiles would open some possibilities in the design, wouldnt it?

Yes yes: scserver could be an excellent engine for handheld audio
applications of so many types. Art pieces, simple sequencers, synths,
data sonifiers, etc etc etc.

I have an iPod mini. I've got ipodlinux on it and it works; I don't
use my iPod much at all so will be a very willing guinea pig. I'm not
much of a linux dev but will be interested to pitch in where possible.
(But I don't have the time spare to rewrite SC from the ground up, so
I'm a little wary...)