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Re: [sc-dev] demand rate

The control cycle latency would not be necessary if the synth is placed _later_  in the execution hierarchy than the spawning node.
The spawner code could look in general terms like this: (i dont remember the specific macros, sorry for that)
float *stackarray
for (i=0;i<blocksize;i++)
  if (prevtrig<=0 && *trig>0)
     stackarray[idx++]=i; //sample offset
     for (j=0; j<synthargs;j++)
         stackarray[idx++]=**(zin+1+j); //setting synth arguments
  else for (j=0;j<synthargs;j++ , ++*(zin+1+j));
//then you schedule all the synths with their offsets at the end of the block
(this assumes each synth can spawn only a given synthdef, but maybe its not difficult to make it work with any valid synthdef)
while (trig_synths-->0)
   WorldCallToSpawnNodes->createNodeAt( group/node ID¿?, tail/head flag¿? , stackarray);

stefan kersten <steve@xxxxxxxxxx> escribió:

an ar trigger could have a latency of one control cycle to
queue the synth(s) for the next period, but there's also the
possibility of a demand rate, subsample accuary scheduler
based on delta times (which would also have a latency, of

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