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[sc-dev] Re: status of async unixCmd

wow, it works ?

unixCmd("java -jar ./SwingOSC.jar -u 57111 -i -L -h");

s = Server.default.boot;

// scsynth is starting to boot but is halted

// but ....

// now it boots up!

maybe it's a problem with the console pipeline? once i
send the dumpOSC to SwingOSC and messages are printed
in the post window, the server booting is resumed for
some reason ...

best, -sciss-

--- Item State <itemstatechanged@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hallo,
> what is the status of fixing the unixCmd to allow
> asynchronous launches; this was possible until last
> summer or so, now one cannot start an audio server
> and
> a GUI server for example at the same time, because
> unixCmd blocks until the previous command is
> finished.
> thx + ciao , -sciss-

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