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Re: [sc-dev] bug in Document

seems related to the tiny problem of documents missing out on initialisation when dragged onto sc's Finder icon. if sc isn't already running the doc's initAction fails. put Document.initAction_{|doc| "hier!".postln; doc.bounds.postln}; in startup.rtf, quit sc and drag any textfile onto sc. the rect thing never gets posted. (osX.3.9)

On 03.03.2006, at 10:17, Item State wrote:


alberto de campo just showed me a strange behaviour
with Document. after a little trying around, the
problem seems to be that Document is not correctly
instantiated when SuperCollider.app doesn't have the
foucs. For example:

Routine {
	Document("werwer", "weissdasschon");
}.play( AppClock );

try to click in the Finder after executing the code,
after 4 seconds an empty untitled document is opened.
the title and content are only set when supercollider
has focus ...

best, -sciss-

     fredrikolofsson.com     klippav.org     musicalfieldsforever.com