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Re: [sc-dev] its time for a User library

On Mar 1, 2006, at 5:44 PM, Till Bovermann wrote:

I installed two different add-ons which interfere (conflicting names, etc...).

I think that in our little world there should be courtesy to not use conflicting names. It happens currently because people develop unaware of other people's usage. If it were in a single repos then the conflict would have been spotted easier.
Renaming files usw. is easy with svn.

But I want to use them both.
(sounds like namespace...)
Or I want to use either the one or the other.
This means, that I need to explicitely include one lib to a patch (meaning to not include the other one...)

to a patch ?  I don't quite understand that part.

I think we should just use the current simple file of which paths to include in the compile.

Then a gui based utility can be written that scans the installed UserLib packages, finds all the .quark files (or whatever they are named) and offers to add/remove packages to the compile list. It would automatically select dependent packages and would show package descriptions.

The utility simply edits that text file. gui-averse people can simply edit the text file.

might something like this be possible this way?