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[sc-dev] Re: Crashing class compilation

hallo josh,

you are right; the Array +msgSize was overriding the
method in ArrayedCollection, i just removed the
ArrayJP.sc file (it seems it wasn't needed). Now the
opposite happens, the reported sizes are generally too
big. Like:

s = Server.local.boot;
s.dumpOSC( 3 );
s.listSendMsg([ "/hallo", 1, 2, 3 ]); // hexdump
consists of 28 bytes
s.dumpOSC( 0 );
[ "/hallo", 1, 2, 3 ].msgSize
// --> reports 52

I measure the size directly from a bundle:

int prNetAddr_MsgSize(VMGlobals *g, int numArgsPushed);
int prNetAddr_MsgSize(VMGlobals *g, int numArgsPushed)
	PyrSlot* args = g->sp;
	scpacket packet;

	int numargs = args->uo->size;
	if (numargs < 1) return errFailed;
	makeSynthMsgWithTags(&packet, args, numargs);
	SetInt(args, packet.size());
	return errNone;

I don't know where this discrepancy comes from.