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[sc-dev] Re: its time for a User library

You fine folks can have the name of my little python project that controls SC:
SuperConductor (or the plural)
It's a play on orchestral conductors (this code conducts SC) and most physics supercolliders are superconducting supercolliders...

Other possible names:

   SuperGlue (Binds SC users together)

OR a more "code laboratory" kind of name:
   SouperLab (it's like code soup...)
   SuperCoLab (play on collaboration... and on company... in the company of mad SCientists)
   SuperCollab (SC...)
   SuperCodeLib (SCL, sounds cool)
   SCodeSoup ('s Code soup, yo)

Haven't we all wanted to call ourselves mad SCientists?


   SCiLib (This one sounds sort of Cool)

   SCLimeLib (Too much ghostbusters in my youth)

   SCLop (OK, I'm kidding)

   SuperHero / SCuperHero

I didn't check to see if any of these are already names of other popular software projects...

Jonathan Saggau