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Re: [sc-dev] its time for a User library

On Feb 28, 2006, at 1:12 PM, kernel wrote:

I think we shouldn't allow sound files though.


It should be easy to provide SC with a syntax to fetch a soundfile from a URL.
Then you can keep many files on your own server.
It would simply curl it if it doesn't yet have the file locally.

SC REALLY needs a better quality sound file in the standard distro for the use of helpfiles.
Something clear, full frequency and stunning.

anyway, this lib is a killer idea.

I tried to find an SVN server for it many times over the years.
With SVN you can check out or update a specific directory quite easily.
You can copy directories in the repository.
These things are well suited for this thing where we have each person maintaining their own dir.

I think people will feel more inclined to post stuff here rather than anywhere else.

Also for people like JH and myself to make it easier to maintain and distribute libraries and mini-applications.

I am on holiday now, so I hope to do a bit of work towards this while lounging around my dad's place in sunny Tuscon.