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[sc-dev] more OSC trouble

hi again,

if someone of the developers is checking out the new
swingosc version anyway, could you try to reproduce a
strange thing i cannot explain. in the JFont.help.rtf
file, the second example (second ( ) block): if you
execute this, wait till the window's open, close the
window, then execute it again etc., after around 6 to
10 iterations, i get these errors:

SwingOSC.prMsgSize : illegal arg type Frame
SwingOSC.prMsgSize : illegal arg type Function

which looks like there is maybe a problem with
supercollider's garbage collector or memory
management? the patch is of course deterministic so
the produced OSC messages should be exactly the same
if you execute again (apart from nodeIDs increasing
continuously). none of the OSC messages should ever
contain a "Function" or a  "Frame".

could this be a concurrency problem when running the
OSC message dispatcher inside a Routine? (i think, all
routines share the same "actual" thread anyway, do

thx + best, -sciss-

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