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Re: [sc-dev] Crashing class compilation

Hi sciss,

ArrayJP is, I believe, in my lib, not the standard SC dist. This came off the list some years ago as a way to check bundles of s_new's. I only ever used it as a debug tool, and am not sure what, if any, general use it would have besides that. I even think that now there is an ArrayedCollection-msgSize primitive that does the same thing... so I would get rid of the ArrayJP (I think I will).

No time to check on this now... but that may solve the problem.


Joshua Parmenter
Post-Doctoral Research Associate - Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media
Raitt Hall - University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195


On Feb 28, 2006, at 6:50 AM, Item State wrote:


i just made a .sc class file that makes SuperCollider
crash when trying to compile ;--) it's in the
attachment if you want to look. (the last thing i've
added is the prMsgSize method, probably it's buggy,
but then the compiler should complain and not crash).

another thing : ArrayJP.sc +msgSize is buggy : a) it
only recognizes strings and numbers, therefore fails
for symbols passed in or for completion message blobs
passed in ; b) is doesn't account for the typetag
section of the message. c) i get a weird behaviour of
Array.msgSize sometimes where the method .msgSize is
"copied into the message itself". please don't ask me
what i mean, it's a bit difficult to describe. like i
do ...

x = < some osc message >;
y = x.msgSize;
---> error : msgSize not understood -->
x.asCompileString.postln; --> "{ | sum, elt |
  sum + elt.isString.if({ elt.size + 4 - (elt.size
bitAnd: 3) }, { 4 }); }" (that's the msgSize method
body itself!)

best, -sciss-

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