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Re: [sc-dev] its time for a User library

This is only the unix name, so its not hugely important.
I submitted it already as sc-userlib
It should just be obvious quick to type

I do like the term "public" (as opposed to your private code).
"public library" reminds me of being a kid and going downtown to sit all day
in a big glass building.

So I like sc-publiclib also

The project name is Super Collider Users' Library
(yes foreigners, that is how we punctuate the possessive plural in our
daft language.)

I'm quite interested to hear any ideas about directory structure conventions.

You can put anything you want into your folder.  Tutorials, loose code.
I think we shouldn't allow sound files though.

Is there a way to implement some kind of #include for libraries in sc?
I think what is really important is a consistent way of refering to such a repository from sc code. Also interdependencies on other parts of the public library should be clear and easy to handle. Then there is no need to separate classes and other code.

possible directories:
* formulary (physical constants, musical scales, psychoacoustic data etc.)
* pieces (sound art that can be the basis of new sound art)
* instruments
* systems (libraries that fulfill certain purposes or present a certain approach)
* applications (with a section "tools", like sound file players etc.)
* literature (tutorials, papers etc.)
* experimental (stuff that is there for thinking in public)

there should be a lightweight way to document authorship and licences. The compatibility with different operating systems should be possible to derive from the contained code, or otherwise should be specified.

well, just some thoughts.