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Re: [sc-dev] GOTCHA?

Can you post some code that does this? If you can, I will run it on a fresh build and see if it is still happening.

Otherwise, try doing a grep with Terminal for GOTCHA and see if it appears in the SCClassLibrary or any other code.

Ringo:~ josh$ cd /Applications/SuperCollider3/
Ringo:/Applications/SuperCollider3 josh$ grep -r "GOTCHA" *
Ringo:/Applications/SuperCollider3 josh$

For me... nothing is returned.


Joshua Parmenter
Post-Doctoral Research Associate - Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media
Raitt Hall - University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195


On Feb 27, 2006, at 1:26 AM, Item State wrote:


since i installed a new version (latest mac built from
sourceforge / january), i keep getting "GOTCHA! xyz"
messages in the post window; what do they mean?

the xyz is a four digit(?) number, could be a node id
so. this happens with exactly the same patches as i
used before (where there were no such messages with a
build from october). they seem to be linked to actions
i perform on the lang side(?).

it's not a serious thing, nothing ever crashed, the
audio is running well without any glitches.

this is on a powerbook g4 / panther.

best, -sciss-

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