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Re: [sc-dev] GOTCHA?

Why not grep for the string?

grep -ri 'GOTCHA' ..../..../..../SCClassLibrary

If it isn't there, check out the source from CVS and grep the entire
source tree. Grep is fast, should take only a few seconds.


On 2/27/06, Item State <itemstatechanged@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi,
> since i installed a new version (latest mac built from
> sourceforge / january), i keep getting "GOTCHA! xyz"
> messages in the post window; what do they mean?
> the xyz is a four digit(?) number, could be a node id
> so. this happens with exactly the same patches as i
> used before (where there were no such messages with a
> build from october). they seem to be linked to actions
> i perform on the lang side(?).
> it's not a serious thing, nothing ever crashed, the
> audio is running well without any glitches.
> this is on a powerbook g4 / panther.
> best, -sciss-
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