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[sc-dev] its time for a User library

So now that sf has SVN, I think its time to start a separate project for an SC user's library.

My thoughts so far:

each user would have a dir like 'cx' etc. etc.

	Ugens (and source code)
	more as you like...

you can put anything you would like to share in there, and you don't need to have eg. Instruments if you don't have any. we can then make it possible to include/exclude these various extra class libraries.

main decision is the project name:


for Instruments I would say content should be creative commons
for classes, ugens etc. it should be ...?

My main interest in this is to include mini applications and patches that make use of the shared Instrument library. I also have some classes that store meta data about Instruments and Players. This would be an extension of the kaleidoscope approach that I was doing in SC. Its really fascinating once a good library is built up. So content generated from it should be distributable under CC.