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Re: [sc-dev] demand rate

A simpler synthdef spawner ugen would also be possible and has already been discussed in the past on this list. There is an issue of how to name the synthdef to be spawned since currently a ugen can only take numeric arguments, not strings. A ugen can accept a string as a u_cmd argument, but then you have to know the ugen index. An alternative approach would be to assign numbers to synthdefs and have the ugen trigger them by number.

Could there be a way of generalizing completion messages to handle this? You might pass an array of SynthDef names to the spawner and then use a Control to select which one you want when you trigger. (I suppose it would actually be an array of OSC messages that would create the synth. Possibly each could have an associated array of Control names that would allow the new synth to receive parameters from the synth doing the spawn..)