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Re: [sc-dev] cross-platform gui wrappers - draft

On Jan 10, 2006, at 3:51 PM, Till Bovermann wrote:

Why not using an which is configurable at runtime?
With a classVar in GUIWrapper?

That seems risky, especially for methods that access class variables belonging to SCWindow and such.

GUIWindow.viewSourceClass = SCWindow;

GUIWindow.viewSourceClass = JSCWindow;

I don't want to have to track down those bugs!

It's a gui platform, you should use one at a time.

Why not naming the classes just View, Window, TabletView... instead of GUIView...?

I'm open to whatever naming convention people prefer.

Why not creating abstract classes for all nessecary GUI elements, and then inherit the original methods classes?

Not sure I follow you. The thought was to create a layer between the user and the gui objects (was it cx or blackrain who mentioned it first?). The layer's interface would be exactly the same across all gui platforms so there's only one interface to learn and code doesn't have to be rewritten. For SCView/JSCView not much problem, but the SCUM interface is quite different.

My main objective is, I want the guis in my library to work in Linux or Windows without maintaining multiple versions (that requires the cx guis to work too).

Marije mentioned (correctly) that scum-specific functionality should not be taken away. This approach works for that -- you can always use the gui classes directly, but you have a way to write cross-platform if you want.

Any other comments/criticism before I slog through the ^this methods (not looking forward to it!).


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