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Re: [sc-dev] Use ZArchive for Object-readBinaryArchive, writeBinaryArchive

On Sun, Jan 08, 2006 at 12:21:32PM +0000, Scott Wilson wrote:
> Since ZArchive is 'safe', I propose moving it to the main library (if 
> felix has no objections) and adjusting the Object-readBinaryArchive and 
> writeBinaryArchive methods to use it. This might break some older code, 
> but since there was already some discussion of removing the old unsafe 
> binary archive support I thought this might be okay. The old binary 
> methods could if desired be renamed for legacy support.
> Alternatively we could add new readZArchive and writeZArchive methods.

i'd vote for replacing the original methods.

> Objections? Thoughts?

are there any limitations (speed, shared references, etc) in
ZArchive? what's wrong with the primitives, btw?