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[sc-dev] SuperCollider Symposium July 2006

Dear all,
We've decided to go ahead with a SuperCollider 3 Symposium from July 24-30 this year, at the University of Birmingham in the UK. The plan is to have a three day beginners course from 24-26, two days of workshops on advanced topics from 27-28, and developer presentations and working group meetings for the weekend 29-30. There is also the hope of a concert with the BEAST sound system for the Friday night, and there should also be chance to arrange some bar/club based performances. The symposium would be held at the University of Birmingham music department, with the possibility of accommodation in university student housing.

The keynote speaker, all funding permitting, will be James McCartney.

We are hoping to minimise costs to developers to attend; whilst this is unlikely to cover flight or subsistence costs, we want to avoid charging any conference fee. There will be charges for attending workshops (except for those who want to run one!); the symposium will aim to be entirely non-profit making.

Any academics who wanted to join the conference committee and assist with grant proposals very much welcomed!

looking forward,
Scott Wilson and Nick Collins
(symposium conveners)