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Re: [sc-dev] New PowerBooks, SC and CPU... ick...

Thanks James... but the CHUD tools download mentioned there doesn't appear to include the CPU manager.

Here is the article from Apple... the relevant stuff is at the bottom... still looking around to see if there is a way to bypass this mode.

http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Hardware/Developer_Notes/ Macintosh_CPUs-G4/15inchPowerBookG4/1Overview/ chapter_2_section_6.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40003165-CH205-TPXREF109


Joshua Parmenter
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On Jan 5, 2006, at 1:31 PM, James Harkins wrote:

This, maybe?



On 1/5/06, Joshua Parmenter <joshp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Basically, the ability to control the processor speed is gone on the
new models. On the older one's you could open Energy Saver and tell
the computer to always run at the top CPU speed. This has
disappeared, and the new machines "automatically" adjust the CPU
speed for CPU load. Problem is, this isn't very speedy (in SC terms
at least). So, code that used to run at about a stable 40% on my old
PB, now runs at 60% with HUGE spikes on the new one.

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