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Re: [sc-dev] [JITLib] OutputProxy-signalRange

my problem is, that I set the values of the source from outside; something like

~a = {|val| val.lag(0.001)}

Here, the system is not able to determine the range of the resulting synth.
But I _really_ want to use .range

Any hints?


On 27 Dec 2005, at 14:37, Julian Rohrhuber wrote:


since I'm currently dealing with converting signalRanges of special OuputProxies by [exp]range, I want to propose the following addition to OutputProxy:

+ OutputProxy {
	var >signalRange;
	signalRange {
		^(signalRange ?  super.signalRange);


this allows to set the signalRange of an outputProxy to \unipolar if needed.

an OutputProxy should return the signal range of its source:

signalRange {

the NodeProxy's signalRange can't be guaranteed to stay the same. You might exchange it's source later. I would suggest that you define a convention and make the ugen output follow that convention.

Unfortuntely this does not work:

n = NodeProxy(s)
o = n.kr;
o.signalRange = \unipolar;
// -> \unipolar
// -> \bipolar

I think, it's because of kr creates a new OutputProxy every time it is called...
Is there a way to set the signalRange constantly?

...perhaps by adding a signalRange-argument to NodeProxy-[kr, ar]...

 merry xMas and "guten rutsch"

best wishes !

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