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Re: [sc-dev] rewire -- audiounits

It shouldn't be too hard to get the server to run as an audio unit.
But I haven't looked at it in detail.

Rewire would be tricky because it requires running SC in the same process
as the master application.
You could do it with the SC app with the internal server.
You would also have to handle tempo events and bussing, both of which should
be doable.
Mostly I just render multi channel files to disk and then go mix in Logic.


On Dec 18, 2005, at 7:04 AM, r r wrote:

hi, does SC3 support rewire or audiounits?  if not,
i'd be interested in helping develop support for AU .
. . i've taken a quick look at the source code, but i
could use a crash course in the overall architecture .
. .

chris deckard

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