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Re: [sc-dev] b_gen synchronous?

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 05:52:22PM -0500, James Harkins wrote:
> I need to bump this question. Anyone know why this is interrupting the 
> musical flow?
> I'll work around it by scheduling each b_gen but I didn't think I 
> needed to do that.
> >In this example, I'm not clear on what's doing the blocking then. When 
> >you run the Buffer.allocConsecutive, the s_new messages (which should 
> >be synchronous, correct?) do get blocked, as evidenced by the stream 
> >of late messages in the post window.

could be a thread priority problem. the asynchronous message
workload is done in a separate thread, which might be
starving the UDP input thread. on linux this also happens
sometimes when not using an rt-patched kernel with the disk
driver spending lots of time in the kernel without yielding.