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[sc-dev] Server idle time usage

I've been kicking around an idea, but it's probably beyond my skill- level to implement in Supercollider, so I thought I would throw it out to the public. In a realtime performance setting, it could be incredibly useful to be able to run processes on the server that were specifically non-realtime, i.e. that would be performed only with idle processor time, so as not to interrupt more critical realtime things. I assume the server already does something like this with things like loading buffers, but I can imagine plenty of other processor intensive activities that it would be nice to run with idle time, mainly complex operations on buffers. For example:
	running some kind of ats / pv / lpc analysis on a buffer
	nasty complex dsp operations, like big convolutions
feature extraction / chopping up buffers in meaningful ways (separating a recorded buffer into events / notes / whatever) Does this sound like a reasonable / useful thing to implement? I usually hate suggesting features, but I'm particularly enamored with this one.

- Scott Carver