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Re: [sc-dev] [win32] discard SCSpawn?


here a patch that implements all changes involved for discarding SCSpawn. The main issues here are:
* reading the ServerOptions for command line options for scsynth.exe
* the SC_PortAudioDriver now prints all available devices at startup
* the SC_PortAudioDriver reads ServerOption.device and sets input/ output accordingly
* scsynth allows -H option (deviceName) as parameter for windows
* all vc++ projectfiles were updated for use with VC++ Express edition which is free
* minor changes to comply with the stricter compiler of VC++8

please test the patch against os x and linux.

I have also compiled a new package SC3-Complete with all these changes and would like to ask people to test this with their hardware and provide feedback on whether this way of specifying the devices is practical. As usual available from http://sonenvir.at/downloads/sc3/ sc3-win/ This package should also solve the problems with PySCLang that people reported back as I didnt use the bundle option for this.

SCSpawn is not needed any longer and you could specify all server options in the startup.sc to select devices etc. A weak point is that you need to specify a device name that would match (as substring) with both, the input and output device as they are handled as different devices by Port Audio. However, this does seems to work in most cases well, for example:

at boot the driver tells you you have the following options:
Device options:
  - MME : Microsoft Soundmapper - Input   (device #0 with 2 ins 0 outs)
  - MME : Realtek AC97 Audio   (device #1 with 2 ins 0 outs)
- MME : Microsoft Soundmapper - Output (device #2 with 0 ins 2 outs)
  - MME : Realtek AC97 Audio   (device #3 with 0 ins 2 outs)

and you specify:
s.options.device_("MME : Microsoft Soundmapper");

and it will match the Input and the Output...


PS: sorry zipping the patch, but its rather big mainly because the conversion of the project files, and it would go through the list...

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On 12 Dec 2005, at 11:59, Alessandro Fogar wrote:


I vote against SCSpawn.

As I use either the OS X and Win32 versions I prefer a consistent way
in how it works in these platforms.

All the best

Alessandro Fogar

2005/12/12, Christopher Frauenberger <frauenberger@xxxxxx>:
Hi list,

I would like to discuss whether we should discard SCSpawn as the way
of starting scsynth on windows. As far as I can see it has some pro
and contras:

Pro SCSpawn:
* nice graphical interface providing all options and showing devices
* remembers settings in registry

Contra SCSpawn:
* depends on MFC libraries
* not consistent with the startup method on osx

The main argument against it here imo is that it depends on MFC.
Microsoft now released the Visual Studio C++ Express edition, which
is a free version of MS Visual Studio that uses the same compilers
and the same IDE, but does not include MFC. If we could get rid of
SCSpawn and allow for setting the device by name through the
ServerOptions it would be consistent with the way it works on osx. We
could also print all available devices at startup to inform the user
of her/his options.

This way, we would have a way of compiling SC3 on windows without
relying on commercial tools...

what are your opinions?

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