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Re: [sc-dev] [win32] discard SCSpawn?

On 12/12/05, James Harkins <jamshark70@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 12/12/05, blackrain <blackrain.sc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > No Java please.
> OK... I really don't care which platform it is as long as I don't have
> to rewrite all my guis. Can we make the SCUM classes look and work
> like the Cocoa classes?

work; yes. thru adaptor classes and a couple of new widgets I'd say.
a SCUMView subclass that allows absolute positioning is needed for example.

On 12/12/05, Christopher Frauenberger <frauenberger@xxxxxx> wrote:
> On 12 Dec 2005, at 22:21, blackrain wrote:
> > No Java please.
> What is the problem with java? Performance? Resources? Well, I dont
> know, is this really an issue with the majority of things you do?

resources, yes. performance not that much tho.
latest versions are not that sluggish any more but still demand quite
some system resources.

> > Qt doesnt sound that bad but we have nothing.
> We have built custom Qt Interfaces that connected to SC via OSC, but
> yes building a whole GUI server is a different thing...
> > I vote for finishing and writing extensions to the platforms we
> > already have.
> > SCUM is excellent.
> I had a look on SCUM to get ported to windows, but didnt even succeed
> to compile fltk properly (didnt spend too mauch time on it to be
> honest...) However, would be great, but there is much to do to get as
> far as SwingOSC is already...

true, I have read SwingOSC emulates transparently the cocoa primitive set.

Java is ok for prototypes and applications that may need to run
transparently cross platform but IMO only when this is the last

> > perhaps a few widgets to code, a few class adaptors and we have a
> > trusty cross platform solution.
> > one that is not running inside a virtual machine.
> >
> dont trust virtual machines? I dont trust real ones neither ;-)
> Christopher

welcome to the matrix <g>