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[sc-dev] [win32] discard SCSpawn?

Hi list,

I would like to discuss whether we should discard SCSpawn as the way of starting scsynth on windows. As far as I can see it has some pro and contras:

Pro SCSpawn:
* nice graphical interface providing all options and showing devices available
* remembers settings in registry

Contra SCSpawn:
* depends on MFC libraries
* not consistent with the startup method on osx

The main argument against it here imo is that it depends on MFC. Microsoft now released the Visual Studio C++ Express edition, which is a free version of MS Visual Studio that uses the same compilers and the same IDE, but does not include MFC. If we could get rid of SCSpawn and allow for setting the device by name through the ServerOptions it would be consistent with the way it works on osx. We could also print all available devices at startup to inform the user of her/his options.

This way, we would have a way of compiling SC3 on windows without relying on commercial tools...

what are your opinions?