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Re: [sc-dev] (no subject)

On 30 Dec 2004, at 17:24, James Harkins wrote:

On Wednesday, Dec 29, 2004, at 22:12 US/Eastern, Mark Polishook wrote:

why don't you go ahead and edit some pages in the style you think is
more readable and send them to me and we can compare and go from there
.... thanks in advance for all ideas. something minor I'd like to fix on
any pass through is changing to a style where a message, when described,
say, as .send would instead be written as 'send' (more consistent with
the rest of the docs).

Thanks, will do soon.

I looked thru a couple of jmc's language docs and there isn't much consistency there. Sometimes it's method, sometimes 'method', sometimes 'method', sometimes method (but in the last case it's usually "the method message").

Some of that may be my fault, as I think I did some minor editing when I brought those docs over. I agree it's very inconsistent though, as are a number of things throughout the doc. Different people prefer different styles (you, Julian and I do slightly different things, for example), and although I do feel we're settling on a few things, it's probably time to come back to the idea of a clearly stated and agreed upon standard, which would give people something to work to.