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[sc-dev] (no subject)

I'd like to ask permission to do some formatting work on the Polishook
tutorial. There's a lot of great material, but having the code examples
and the narrative descriptions in the same font makes it harder to read.
It might be good to add bold or italic emphasis to some key words also.

Any objections?



why don't you go ahead and edit some pages in the style you think is
more readable and send them to me and we can compare and go from there
.... thanks in advance for all ideas. something minor I'd like to fix on
any pass through is changing to a style where a message, when described,
say, as .send would instead be written as 'send' (more consistent with
the rest of the docs).

also, I have a very recent japense translation by shigeru kobayashi (of
the tutorial) and that needs to be posted too. perhaps you could assist?
 .... due to a recent hd crash, i've lost the line in my bash env that
let's me login as a developer.


Mark Polishook, D.M.A.
Associate Professor of Music
Central Washington University