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Re: [sc-dev] [ ¿commit? ] SCTextView-keyDownA ction call

because enter and tab already have defined actions.
tab moves the focus to the next view.

it doesn't for me, maybe because I have a german keyboard.

enter evaluates a selection in a text view or does the action in a control view.

yes, they have their own action - actually quite similar to all keys which add their char to the text. The keyDownAction is an additional action to these.

Practically speaking, if I do not call the keyDownAction on enter, I cannot check for whether there is a newline added. If I want to keep certain functionalities within a text area, this is essential.

the way I have done it is simply to check whether the event is forwarded to super:

if (forwardEvent) {
			[super keyUp: event];

the keyDown/up actions are evaluated nevertheless, but the event is not passed on.

I'd actually find it interesting to be able to filter key strokes by the keyDownAction result, but this might cause code to break.

On Dec 27, 2004, at 12:10 PM, Julian Rohrhuber wrote:

it would be important to have the keyDownAction / keyUpAction called on any key down or up. Currently it is not called on enter and tab.

 I'd like to change this.
 Any reasons not to?

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