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RE: [sc-dev] autoindent method in sctextview

ok, how would you feel about the addition of code where the matching brace
is highlighted (as it does in XCode) momentarily, so that the user gets some
visual feedback?

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> On Dec 25, 2004, at 9:42 AM, b a r t o n wrote:
> > i was thinking of adding to that some functionality where, let's say,
> > the user types a left bracket and then return, the next line should
> > indent one more level. Then, typing a righ bracket would bring the
> > indent level up one.
> >
> please don't. The auto indent currently works like all of the C editors
> I've used: THINK C, Metrowerks, Project Builder, Xcode. I am too used
> to the current method. The current method is dumb and I prefer dumb to
> something I have to out smart when I don't want to follow its rules.
> For example there is a tool called AutoPairs that automatically types
> the matching closing bracket for any bracket you type and puts the
> insertion pointer between them. I tried this but in the end found it
> very annoying because I didn't realize how often there are times when I
> only want to type the open bracket.
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