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Re: [sc-dev] autoindent method in sctextview

On Dec 25, 2004, at 9:42 AM, b a r t o n wrote:

i was thinking of adding to that some functionality where, let's say, the user types a left bracket and then return, the next line should indent one more level. Then, typing a righ bracket would bring the indent level up one.

please don't. The auto indent currently works like all of the C editors I've used: THINK C, Metrowerks, Project Builder, Xcode. I am too used to the current method. The current method is dumb and I prefer dumb to something I have to out smart when I don't want to follow its rules. For example there is a tool called AutoPairs that automatically types the matching closing bracket for any bracket you type and puts the insertion pointer between them. I tried this but in the end found it very annoying because I didn't realize how often there are times when I only want to type the open bracket.