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Re: [sc-dev] Document.current isNil bug

hi jan,
last week alberto and julian (and i) did some work on saving states of documents
to a tempfile.  currently testing, but it now seems like documents can survive
a recompile.  the code lives here together with a Document bug listing...

what do you think?

and thanks for the keyup+action fix.  i'll remove that from the list.

> Hi,
> i have a fix for this. but i would replace the (unmodified)
> Document-path with an (modified) absolute path. is there anything that
> speaks against it?
> -jan
> On Dec 13, 2004, at 2:55 PM, Jan Trützschler wrote:
> > hi fredrik,
> > recompiling is a tricky thing for the document class. scview just
> > solves this problem by just closing all windows.
> > all variables that should survive a recompile would have to have a
> > primitive.
> > or maybe i can write one that brings all relevant ones into the lang.
> >
> > -jan